The Dark Side


the gothic home page formerly at gothic -- a collection of gothic resources from all over, including an image database, html-ized text files, a net-goth gallery, a club listing, as well as links to other resources.

[ART ]

the darkside gallery -- a gallery of some of my photographic works, and a bit of the older digital manipulations in adobe photoshop . i do it more for the enjoyment of the process than the output


online 'zines -- an eclectic collection of 'zines from the net and beyond. some are already in hypertext format, some have been converted to html by myself, while others are still in plain text format.


the siouxsie and the banshees home page -- the home page contains a discography, lyrics, images, and various interviews and reviews collected from the net.


welcome to the dark side. this area is simply my area to experiment and play with various hobbies and interests. (read the disclaimer for all the details.) some of it fits neatly into categories - like the gothic stuff in on the gothic pages, siouxsie stuff in the siouxsie pages, and then, well there is everything else. wander around and let me know what you think. i have a guest book where you can sign in and leave your mark - its been collecting entries for more than ten years now.


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