Gothic International Club Listing Assimilate

at Whrling Dervish

When :Sundays 10:00 pm till ~4am
Where :1135 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA
Observations :elektro , industrial, ebm, synthpop, goth, darkwave, and a little powernoise. Playlist focuses largely on requests and what the crowd seems to go for on any particular night. in this legendary dark space in the quarter. turnouts have been great, so expect to be surprised :) Additional Info, Victor Nazarian, The City Morgue Magazine. My favorite place for two years running is the Whirling Dervish at 1135 Decatur Street. This club has some of the best feel and location of any club in any city I've ever been to. Sunday nights they have a sort of cybergoth party called Assimilate but since the club itself is already all "gothed out" all of the time, almost any night of the week is fun. The convenience of being near the waterfront means that the area smells better than some parts of New Orleans does and itís also near some good food and Cafť Du Monde for coffee. For me itís particularly easy since itís straight line staggering distance from my favorite hotel also on Decatur. If I had to guess, Iíd say it started life as an old brick stable back in the 1750s but now itís a fantastic place to party. There are sweeping brick arches along one wall that have been fashioned into alcoves for lounging and drinking and even a few coin op slot and video poker machines. The bar runs for about 25 feet from near the front to raised DJ booth along the opposite wall and is tended by some extremely good but no nonsense bartenders. Through some smaller arches into the back where a good, medium sized dance floor gets used very vigorously while the DJs put out some good stuff. I saw a significant amount of home made clothing while I was there and also lots of PVC, fishnets, a black & pink mini "little bo peep" and lots of punk gear. The bathrooms are particularly disgusting but honestly, about normal for New Orleans. There are some barstools along the bar and a few benches and even a raised platform overlooking the dance floor for people to catch a little rest when they need it. The place is accented with all sorts of cool stuff, red Christmas lights everywhere and a tiny little quarter circle fireplace. Essentially, this is the kind of flavorful place where you can be happy throwing away several hours and enjoying yourself.
DJs :DJ's Solitary & Angelle
Cover :none!
Door Policy :none
Drinks :$2 rolling rock and high life, good prices on mixed drinks, as well!
Directions :in the french quarter...nearrest to the corner of decatur and gov nichols....across from the french market
Phone :5040566-1338
Website :
Information provided by Timothy (Dj Solitary), Shy - dj Angelle, Victor Nazarian (The City Morgue Magazine), Ariel DeHaviland ( < kulturevulture @, lamiae13 @, victor @, elegantgothichumbert @ >
Last updated on 1/18/2006.

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