Summer Administrivia - READ THIS ***
Thu, 13 May 1993 13:32:43 -0400 (EDT)

Well, it appears I've grown lax in my duties and this message is coming
out way too late. Here's the usual summer spiel since many of the people
subscribing to the list are college students who lose net access over
the summer:

If you are not going to have regular network access over the summer and
do not plan to regularly read your email, please unsubscribe for the
summer. You can resubscribe when you return to school in the fall.

(Note that my policy is to usually *not* follow up on mail to subscribers
whose mail keep bouncing. After a week or so I will just unsubscribe
you if mail keeps bouncing. This policy is especially true over the

***** Also: The correct address for the -request address is:

(The '+' is right before the '@'!)

I mention this because some people have been putting the '+' before
the '-' and this ends up sending message to the entire mailing list.
Then people on the list have been asking why they're seeing messages
which look to be only for siouxsie-request. (The '+' is a special
token for AMS mail that prevents fuzzy matching. If you're in doubt,
you can leave the '+' out and it will try to do a fuzzy match which
should match only to

You should just be able to reply directly to this message if you
need to unsubscribe for the summer. I'm a little bit behind on
unsubscribe requests, so don't panic if it takes me 24 hours to get
to your request.

Siouxsie List Admin