Re: your mail

VampLestat (
Mon, 31 May 93 21:08:21 PDT

> >And by the way, this forgery was a particularly bad one, in fact I can tell
> >exactly who did it.

Obviously its simple for the admin to find out exactly who posted it. You
have the list of subscribers, and I'd bet there is only one person from on this list. Even without the list of subscribers, its not
that hard to find out.

Obviously it was done simply by connnecting to the proper port and just
making up the address.

What I find amazing is that this post has generated more response in an hour
than then entire list has generated in weeks, if not months. I was just
trying to stir up a bit of a discussion on this otherwise totally dead list.
My post of the interview a couple weeks back generated not a peep.

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