-- Siouxsie live --

Andrea TONI (andrea@sihp03.si.estec.esa.nl)
Tue, 15 Jun 93 15:46:51 MET

I just read on a Dutch magazines that the 15 of August
there is a live concert in West Germany (Niebhen ??)
Ramones/Siouxsie/Cramps .. I don't think I'm going to miss this
one .. (but honestly Siouxsie is the only one I'm interested in ..)

Anyway I have to say that being and old time (1981) sioux-fan .. I was
extremely disappointed with the last album .. horrible !
Even in peep-show there are some songs that make me sick (but at least
we got Rapshody and the last beat ..)
What do you people think about it ?
Isn't Supestition a lousy work ? .. Or is it just me ?

.. future .. sioux and morrissey .. ummm never liked Smith too !!!
when are the banshees going back to the JU-JU Kaleidoscope stuff ?? sigh sigh

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