FrEE aLTeRnaTiVe MusIc InFo
Thu, 12 Aug 93 17:48:20 -0400

||||||||||||||| QRM - The aLTeRnaTiVe Online Music Publication |||||||||||||

QrM, can be your new source of aLTeRnaTiVe music info! For over two years
QRM has covered the best of what's new and happening in the reaLm of
cutting edge music in the hardcopy world, and now we've made the cYBeR
leap into the InterneT.

To be featured in the AuG issue:

Interviews with: The Fall
Bjork (formerly of the Sugarcubes...)
Smashing Pumpkins
The Fluid

Concert coverage of: Porno for Pyros
LoLLaPoLooZa 93
The Noisy Land tour (New Zealand bands)

and SCADS of reviews of new releases.

So do it. Increase your hip quotient by a factor of ten with a few
well placed clicks of your mouse. Just send your e-mail address to


and look for our premiere issue towards the end of the month. QRM,
sorta like SPIN/Rolling Stone/Alternative Press without the $3 cover
charge. Oh yeah, and without the pictures...but were working on that!