Re: FrEE aLTeRnaTiVe MusIc InFo
Wed, 18 Aug 93 09:30:18 -0400

> It was very rude of you to post this ad on the Siouxsie & the Banshees mailing
list without asking first.

KeLLy -

My apoLogies. I admittedly just fired off mSgs to aLL of the lists
where I thought I'd find interested readers. Again, my apologies. I'm
sort of new to the Internet and obviously lacking a touch in etiquette.
In any case we meant no Harm, and we assure you that we have/will in
the future speak with the band and will fill you in on any forthcoming
articles through proper channels. In fact if you're intersted, perhaps
I can dig up a transcript of that tape and post it to your list (vIa
YoU...) as a sort of good faith gesture. Again..our apologies. PaX

JoE Silva
Editor, QrM