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Feb/Mar 1989 Vol.3, No.1 pp.26-29,37

Cover: Siouxsie

"Siouxsie & the Banshees"

"Grand Illusions"

Steve: "There have been three points in our career
where we were influential on other people, and those
points were the first album "Scream", then "Juju" and
"A Kiss in the Dream House". Those three albums have
made us stop and be aware of what we were doing in
the way it was affecting other bands, and it made us
more aware of what our moves should be next. So by
the time we got to "A Kiss in the Dream House", and
released that, there was this resurgence in guitar
bands, and people like U2 and Big Country were coming
up with hits, and our record company was going 'oh,
this is such a great movement that people are getting
into, with guitar bands, and they'll latch onto YOU
in a big way as you're such a GUITAR band' and we
went 'WHAT?' he remembers with a laugh of disbelief.
"So we went, right, the next album "Hyena" we'll put
keyboards all over it and just fuck everybody up,"
he laughs."

Apr/May 1990 Vol.4, No.2 pp.26-29,36

Cover: Siouxsie & Budgie

"The Creatures"

"Siouxsie and Budgie Go Camping"

"That is the main difference with the Creatures and
the Banshees .. the simplicity in the direction and
the music itself being less layered and entangling."


August 1980 No.4 pp.40-46

Cover: "Special Sioux Veneer Issue",
(fetchingly glum) pic of Siouxsie

"My Life in Punk Rock"

"Susan X, former barmaid from Chislehurst, tells all .."

big color pic "Siouxsie & the Fishes" at the aquarium

"My earliest memory is pretending to be dead.
My mum used to keep stepping over me while I
was laying on the kitchen floor. I was five.
I once took a bottle of pills to make it more
realistic. That was about the same time I
started school. I can remember I had really
long hair and got chewing gum stuck in it.
It was in there for a couple of years until
I eventually had my hair cut."

February 1982 No.22 pp.40,41

Cover: classic pic of Siouxsie in Japanese chic

Photo shoot, photog. Sheila Rock


July 1991 Vol.17 No.8 pp.32,33

"Cry of the Banshees"

"Three years on, the Banshees are back ..
same line-up, change of tack. Klein and
McCarrick discuss their MIDI revolution."


October 7 1989 pp.8-11

Cover: Siouxsie

LOTS about revulsion at bullfighting, revulsion at
revival of misogynistic attitudes (e.g. Axl Rose).

"I really like women," says Siouxsie. "I think
women are the future. I'm more interested,
musically in what women are doing than men.
I think the new female singers are much more
exciting -- it's like the girl hasn't started
yet but the man's dead because, what he's doing,
it's all been said before.
"I think Bjork's got a great voice .. Sinead
O'Connor .. Michelle Shocked .. I like Kate
Bush's new single, I like the understatement
of it."


[the writer] "History's being rewritten daily
so that the goodness, the liberating drive of
the Sixties and the Seventies can be dismissed
as fashion quirks, wishy-washy ideas propogated
by weak people who wish to recreate society in
their decadent image. This pie-in-the-sky theory
obviously suits the current political climate
down to the ground because the subtext is that
the natural state decrees that the strong pros-
per and the weak go to the wall, the men conquer
and the women submit. The liberal era is now
considered an abherrant historical abomination.
And Thatcher's a bloke in a dress."


Mar/Apr 1989 No.25 pp.38-44

Cover: Siouxsie

"Through the Past, Darkly"

"Siouxsie & the Banshees Ponder a Brighter Tomorrow"

WOODARD: "I'm inclined to ask you if there's an
artist whose work embodies your music ? It's
not Mondrian. To many angles and primary colors."

SIOUXSIE: "Oh, Klimt. (she stops to ponder) ..
Goya or Heironymous Bosch. I just love getting
out the magnifying glass and looking at all the
little creatures. It's so dark, but so luminous."


Winter 1986/1987 No.8 pp.6,7

"Each record is a pouring out of her soul in
an echoing whirlwind of mystical melodies [..]
The sound conjures up visions of Arabian Nights,
black magic, and the Garden fo Earthly Delights.
It strikes a nerve in our collective subconscious
mind associated with animal fear and desire."

Winter 1990 No.13 pp.16-21

"The Banshees at 13"

"This enchantress, this cult deity of mythological
proportions, now stands at the pinnacle of her
power and prestige. Gazing down upon the bowed
masses from her lofty peak, it is difficult to
imagine the humble origins from which she sprang.
Ah, but even goddesses have pasts, and Siouxsie
Sioux is no exception."


"Siousxie would cultivate an image of ominous
beauty, like that of some exotic queen of the
vampires, to enhance the dark and visionary
Banshee sound, hanging like a sparkling veil
of night over a sleeping world. She was as
influenced by Ziggy Stardust as by England's
infamous Hammer horror films of the 1970s
featuring such gothic abominations as homo-
erotic vampirism, necrophilia, human sacrifice,
medieval torture chambers, depraved medical
experiments, and witch burnings."


1978 No.8 p.8

Cover: Siouxsie

Q: Part of your strength seemed to stem from
the fact that .. you were around a lot at the
beginning of the punk thing & soaked it up ..

SIOUXSIE: I dunno.

KENNY: It's down to the individual. I mean
John wasn't there in the beginning --

SIOUXSIE: The fact is, we liked what the PISTOLS
were doing without any media confirmation.

Q: There seems to be some parallel between
you and the Pistols ..

JOHN: It's .. most groups, 99% of them,
took the wrong message from the Pistols.

SIOUXSIE: And saw anarchy as destruction
-- as a group, as a movement -- where as
it's not, it's --

KENNY: Self-rule

SIOUXSIE: Disrupting yourself, questioning yourself ..


November 1988 Issue 2 pp.32,33

"Siouxsie & the Banshees: A complete listing
of live performances - Part One

"Those basing their presence here tonight solely
on 'Hong Kong Garden' were very confused. The
single, with that devastatingly simple hookline,
must be one of the surprise successes of the year,
but the rest of the set was hugely different;
dark, ponderous, black aura music issuing forth."

December 1988 Issue 3 p.46

Creatures Discography

Jan/Feb 1989 Issue 4 pp.44-55

"Siouxsie & the Banshees: A complete listing
of live performances - Part Two"

"Worked as a secretary, a masseuse in a parlour
'riddled with fat, pimply, balding businessmen,'
as a barmaid until she was sacked for being rude
to the customers and in a lunch-time West-End
club where she 'acquired' meals for the Bromleyites
before being sacked for her part in the Grundy
Auditioned for several bands who made her sing
'Smoke on the Water'"


October 1977 No.77 pp.10-12

Cover: L-L corner "LOVE IN A VOID", pic of Siouxsie

SIOUX: "Yeah Carcass -- it's about a butcher's
assistant who can't get girls and so he falls
in love with a lump of meat on the slab and so
that he can be like the object of his affection
-- he cuts off his arms and legs."

Ah hold on! I say (thinking I've deduced a
flaw in their logic), How can he cut off ALL
his arms and legs -- it would be really difficult
for him to cut off his last arm -- wouldn't it ?

"Not at all", comes the reply "he just leans his
shoulder on the Bacon Slicer!"

September 1981 No.117 pp.11-12

"Afterwards it's back to the hotel, bevy of fans
in tow, for drinkies, laffs and four o'clock fun.
Sioux retires a little earlier cos she doesn't want
to overdo it like on the "Join Hands" tour which
ended in a nasty bout of hepatitis. "Discipline!"
is her goodnight word, as she lopes out of the bar

October 1982 No.130 pp.11-12

Cover: Siouxsie

"centerfold" pp.24,25 signed
"limblessly in love, Siouxsie X X"

"A Kiss in the Dream House"

KRIS: "What about video ?"

STEVE: "There's a lot of possibilities.
All of the videos we've done could be twice
as good if they were down to us."

SIOUX: "[T]hey're like chocolate box adverts.
I really hate the idea of making a song into
a minifilm with a script and all that shit.
I just think it should be more abstract and
not necessarily anything to do with trans-
cribing the song, but something you can watch
and see different things in it if you watch it
again and again."


STEVE: "It's such a young industry and all
the people involved are idiots."

June 1984 Vol.1 No.9 pp.34-37

Cover: Siouxsie

"From Here to Eternity"

"Paul O'Reilly meets Steve Severin, representa-
tive of the band who would remain invincible."

what was the Grundy incident ??

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