Michael Graham (
Sun, 12 Sep 1993 14:30:09 -0300

THe Grundy incident occurred on live tv (BBC) in late '76 I believe. It
was a popular interview show with this very conservative old fart hosting.
I think that Queen were supposed to be on, but cancelled, and so the Pistols
were put on.

They mocked the interviewer who was intent on making them do something
stupid. He ended up doing this by propositioning Siouxsie (who was sort of
standing behind the Pistols). This led to Steve Jones calling the guy a
diry old man, a fucking wanker, (Grundy prodded for more), a dirty fucking
bastard and "what a fucking rotter"!

It was great!! Grundy got the sack after that one I think - or at least a
few weeks off.

The only thing that Siouxsie said was:

Grundy: What about you are you in it for the money or are you just having
a good time?
Siouxsie:I'm having a good time.

Grundy: I'll bet you are...

Sioux: I've always wanted to meet you...

Grundy: We'll meet afterwards shall we?

and then the infamous swearing starts. Great stuff. :^)