New covers?

17 Sep 1993 13:19:13 GMT

Well, your question has bounced into my empty cranial-space and come up with
this rather odd list. I like to think of S&B covering rather dark, slow songs.
These came to mind. Please do not over-extrapolate this list into a
representation of the boundaries of my musical taste.

"Synchronicity II" - Police
"Sunday Bloody Sunday" or "New Year's Day" - U2
"Chess Piece Face" - They Might Be Giants
"One of the Few" - Pink Floyd
"The Man's Too Strong" - Dire Straits
"Never Let Me Down Again" - Depeche Mode
"In My Time of Dying" or EVEN "Stairway to Heaven" - Led Zeppelin

Ooh - I could catch hell for this list, but hey, a mind will wander in tall
grass at times. An S&B cover radically alters a song and its perception by an
audience - I think they could do some very interesting things with these if they
let themselves go.
And remember - this was just hypothetically speaking. So mull, but chill.

Zeebopazod (The Lunatic)