S&B: Re: New covers?

F.Baube[tm] (flb@flb.optiplan.fi)
Mon, 20 Sep 93 11:26:07 EET

Surely sendmail reeled when thusly spake Michelle Monroe:
> From daemon Mon Sep 20 03:02 EET 1993
> Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1993 17:22:09 -0600
> To: siouxsie+request-@andrew.cmu.edu
> From: mkmonroe@mtu.edu (Michelle Monroe)
> Subject: Re: New covers?
> -Thanks for the "RAGS" stuff, "Baube"---especially interesting for the
> young 'uns (ME)

no problem

I got lucky, I found a street vendor in London with
a big pile of old music magazines in prime condition

the thought of agreeing with *anything* said on MTV
makes me queasy, but ..

> -MTV just aired that stupid old "sex in the 90's" special, the one that
> claims "a new breed of women artists who don't rely upon sexuality to sell
> their music are up-and-coming," blah blah blah, Sioux was one, Sinead
> another. I think I know what they were trying to do, _BUT_, Sioux and
> Sinead are sexier than ANY madonna or samantha without even trying!!

I agree with you totally -- S has got it way over
madonna et al -- I see madonna going thru several of
the "look" "phases" where S has already set the pace
-- but I guess the point might be that S's particular
expression of womanhood / femininity doesn't push the
product -- it's pretty irrelevant to the music.

songs about severed limbs are not a turn-on. (I think ..)

on those occasions when she *does* gussy up, the music's
*still* from a different planet from her "look".

at least, "look" and sound don't jibe in the older music.
maybe tho there's a tendency to go with the image-flow
on Superstition. and the Face to Face video is downright
unnatural for her. anybody got any other opinions ?

> And, smart to boot!!

I can dig out some more quotes, S says in general guys
are threatened by intelligent/older women, they'd rather
be with a nineteen-something who giggles at everything.
men's ego's are *so-o-o* fragile ..


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