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Andrea TONI (andrea@sihp03.si.estec.esa.nl)
Wed, 22 Sep 93 15:05:12 MET

.. Michelle asking for Smith-Siouxsie .. well here it is what I know ..

in the early 80 (Faith Kelidoscope) Robert claim several times to be a great
sioxsie fan . and in fact he did replace guitarist Mckay after he (and
drummer Morris) left.. during the Join hands tour (Cure were supporter
of Siouxsie . But robert at the time was
still very involved with Cure (Thnx god we have had Phornography !) and
didn't really feel like joining the Banshees .. SO they found
the excellent McGeogh .. but during the Kiss on the dreamhouse tour he was
very often sick (actually even before I guess) .. nervous breakdown ..
Then during the tournee' the Banshess were once again without a guitarist ..
so they ask agin old-faithfull robert to join in for the rest of the tour
.. I'll never forget a brilliant concert in Modena with Siouxsie and the
Banshees in top form and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw robert playing
guitar .. I was even able to get a 1 hour interview .. and I was just going
crazy from one part of the table (Robert .. for the first time in ITALY !)
and the other one (Siouxsie and Budgie .. to which I already talk 1 year
before during the Ju-Ju tour).
Cure at that time very in a very strange situation (Love cats and
rubbish like that ..) .. and so Robert accepted
to play.. (just after the concert in Modena they went to Venice to film
Dear Proudence ..) .. sadly enough he was great on live show (Nocturne) ..
but I was a bit dissapointed by Hyena (still a materpiece in respect to
Superstition ..) .. but faaaaaar away from what I would excpected from
such a super group ..
You may want to check the wonderful "Blue Sunshine" from The Glove ..
basically R.Smith and S.Severin that belongs to the same period ..
Any extra infos are very welcome ..

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