S&B: Don't let it die!

Andrew Bornyi (andrewb@mathstat.yorku.ca)
Fri, 1 Oct 1993 12:02:54 -0400

mkmonroe, of Houghton MI, USA wrote (pleaded?)
> Don't let this list die again!!! Please!!!

I will do my best, but please be appreciative that our list is not like
Vampyres, where I went away for a weekend and discovered 170 messages (and
a nasty "please remove 19K from your account" for having exceeded my TOTAL
system allocation).

I really enjoy getting REAL mail.


P.S. Siouxsie stuff counts as real Mail.
P.P.S. To distinguish Siouxsie mail, try putting "S&B:" as the intro to
the subject line, so it doesn't get trashed, since getting the
system to automatically put "Siouxsie List" as the sender appears
to be too difficult.