aust tour : tshirts & a show.

Tue, 12 Oct 93 12:39:49 EST


Siouxsie's here in Australia playing a few shows,
and there's an Austr. Tour tshirt,
It is black ( suprise ) with 'normal' S&tB Lettering in a red
border on the front and the back has a compass point like arrangement
in orange with the names of the cities played on the outside of the circle.

I was wondering.. does anyone want one? I should be able to get my hands
on quite a few if I need to. I'd be preferably a swap for some S&tB boots,
though anything by siouxsie,nephilim,sisters,nin,ministry,cure,smiths...etc
gothic and non-gothic I might be interested in.

If you're interested, send some some detailed email on what you might have.
If you just want to buy one - I could get it to you for about $us28.

I saw the band last night here. The show was great except sioux was having
as little trouble getting the vocal range on songs like spellbound and
kiss them for me. First time I've seen them, but I guess there was nothing
special about the tracklist. Nothing off Tinderbox (sigh). I was hoping for
92 degrees or Unrest, but anyway. Started off with Last Beat Of My Heart,
a highlight, as were Israel, Wheels On Fire, Killing Jar and Peekaboo. Only
4 of the songs weren't once/twice upon a time tracks.

As for the crowd, it was the mutest, most pathetic, pretend crowd I have
ever been part of. I always thought te
goth scene was a music scene. Ha! Last night proved that one wrong.
Most of the crowd were there for a fucking dressup party. Oh, I spose
if it was 10 years ago with bob smith in the band... pop goths. If you're
living in Melbourne, then don't expect to see her again i guess.

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