Re: Give 'er one more try...

VampLestat (
Tue, 26 Oct 1993 20:27:05 -36803936 (PDT)

> What would be a good starting point? (i.e. what is your favorite studio
> album from the pre-Hyaena era?) I did pick up the 'Once Upon a Time'
> compilation last year.

I'd saw that my fav by far is JUJU.

LP 6/81 POLS 1034 JUJU
-Spellbound; Into the Light; Arabian Knights;
Halloween; Monitor; Night Shift; Sin in My
Heart; Head Cut; Voodoo Dolly

I love every single track on the album. That and _Peepshow_ are my two
favorites, though they do sound very different. "Nightshift" is a great,
haunting song.

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