Join Hands

Andrea TONI (
Thu, 28 Oct 93 12:31:27 MET

I love Join Hands .. the only thing that maybe a bit "obscure"
is the last long improvised track .. but all anther songs are a beauty
love the guitar's riff of John Mckay (btw any one knows what he is up to
now .. or in the past .. ???) .. sadly the recording is awful no-dynamic
and lots of floor noise ..
go for it ...
What did Kenny Morris and John Mckay produce after the Aberdeen disaster ?
I have an Extplay called la Muerte on which Kenny Morris is playing. But I have
never ever heard anything about John Mckay .. I think he was a genius he
invented a new way of playing the guitar and he was then
(after 1978) copied but plenty of others ..

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