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Michael DuVernois (
Thu, 28 Oct 1993 11:31:13 -0600

>I would just like to know if the 'Join Hands' album is worth trying to get.
>I have all their other albums and I've heard that the one mentioned above is
>not one of their peak-performances but it would be nice though if someone could
>give air to their points of view. And for you who wanted great albums before
>Hyaena. Why not go for numero uno in the first place, The Scream. It's really
Personally I like "Join Hands" quite a bit. It gets played more than any of
the other albums except maybe "Once Upon..." The final song (The Lords Prayer)
is S&Bs greatest song (must be fantastic live), perhaps their equivalent to the
Velvet Underground's Sister Ray even. Obviously these are all just my opinions,
so agree with them or not at your own convenience.

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Oh please, oh please...

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