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Subject: Interviews
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Date: Sat, 9 Jan 93 17:53:31 EET

Chris Conlon <ari!conlonc@mail.tva.com>
> Finally, does anyone know of any good S&B interviews on
> these topics? (I was media-fasting when the movie came out.)

Check the December '92 VOX, there's an insert magazine
"Record Hunter" w/ cover article on S&Bs. Cover quote:
"Robert Smith and I fell out. There were a few scenes
where I kicked him in the goolies."

pp.8-9 an article "Runaround Sioux" with
a "guided tour" of Twice Upon a Time.

A couple of quotes:

Kiss Them For Me:
"I'm very dissatisfied with the Superstition album.
Stephen Hague's production was too technical and
methodical .."

Face to Face:
"I grew up trying out Catwoman kicks on people --
she and Emma Peel were my mentors when I was young.
As soon as Warners, who owned the Batman soundtrack,
got involved, 'Face to Face' became the worst experi-
ence I've ever had. I wouldn't piss on them if they
were on fire."

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