S&B FAQsimile #18: Sioux on Rock Schiouxl ?

F.Baube[tm] (flb@flb.optiplan.fi)
Tue, 2 Nov 93 5:27:07 EET

To: siouxsie+@andrew.cmu.edu (S+B)
Subject: Re: Sioux on Rock Schiouxl ?
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 93 12:41:53 MDT
From: Robert Earl <ari!chupchup@oinker.ucsb.edu>

In message <199304121438.AA03916@flb.optiplan.fi> you write:
| I think "Rock School" was the title of the series,
| and I recall seeing Siouxsie listed as a guest once
| to talk guitar playing.
| does anyone else remember this ?
| did anyone else see this ?

She and the entire group were featured on this series, but only in a
video clip from the "Old Grey Whistle Test" British TV show, from
their Kaleidescope days, playing "Happy House". The topic was drums
and so the host mainly focused on Budgie's drumming technique.

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