Re: Dear Fearless List Maintainer

F.Baube[tm] (
Sun, 14 Nov 93 2:53:51 EET

> [about maintaining the FAQ]
> >
> >I think I could do it, it wouldn't take too long.
> Great, thanks. I'll give you what I'd consider to be version 1.0 sometime
> over the weekend, and you can go with it from there.


> [about possibly taking over the mailing list]
> >
> >OTOH this would be a problem, because I've been laid off
> >and onlyhave very sporadic Net access. :-(
> Sorry to hear that you're out of work,

no need really. the bennies are good, I have time to relax,
there's little pressure to find work cos there isn't any.
the only hassle is my visa, but I'll know friday !

> I certainly understand why you
> can't really think about taking over the list right now. Hopefully one
> of the other folks who I've asked might be able to.


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