Siouxsie List Admin (
Tue, 16 Nov 1993 07:36:39 -0500 (EST)

Well, I've been meaning to send this message for oh, about 3 or 4 months
now at least, but for one reason or another keep putting it off. I've
finally managed to get around to it now though. This contains some pretty
important things, so pay attention!

First off, about the discography. The discography has always been done
for me by Rich Yeung at Dartmouth. He had more time and energy than me,
and so he kept up with it fairly regularly. For whatever reason, Rich
has disappeared, he's no longer on the mailing list and the last mail
I sent to him bounced. So, Rich may no longer have net access. If
someone else would like to add to Rich's discography and take over
maintaining it, please go for it, if you email me a copy, I'll start
distributing your version to new subscribers and post it to the mailing

Second, the mailing list has moved! This is pretty important, and I'll
probably send out a reminder in a couple weeks as well, but you should
stop using the old addresses immediately, and start using these new ones: will now go to everyone on the mailing list. is now the place to send subscription requests,
requests to be removed from the list and other questions to me.

(Note that the evil "+"s that everyone always put in the wrong place have
disappeared! Don't use them with the new addresses, you mail *will* bounce!)

If you have problems with sending to, you
can reach me directly as a last resort as either

(Note that the old addresses will continue to work for at least a little
while, but please start using the new ones! Also, if you see the old
list addresses advertised anywhere, let the keeper of said list know
about the new addresses!)

Also, several people have now asked about a digest version of the list
(although I don't see the point with the usual volume being less than
1 message/day), and about the possibility of doing something like putting
"S&B" in the "Subject:" header automatically. On the old system
(, there was no way for me to support either of the
above, as it used a crufty mail system that was pretty braindead in
supporting mailing lists. With the move to the new system, there may be
more things happening in the future.

(Although as an aside, list messages always have the "To:" header listing
the mailing list address, so you should be able to pick out list messages
by that if using automated filtering software like filter, procmail,
deliver, etc. If may not show up in elm or pine or whatever, but that's

Also, the FAQsimile that Fred Baube posted in many parts recently is
being edited and revised slightly by me, and will become the "official"
FAQ for the mailing list. I think I've managed to convince Fred to
handle further revisions once I get it into a more presentable state
too. Once I get an acceptable version 1.0, I will post the whole thing
(though in fewer parts) to the mailing list again, and then start sending
it out to new subscribers.

Finally, in case you haven't noticed, the time and energy I put into
running the mailing list is becoming less and less. Sometimes I just
don't feel my heart is into it any more. At some point in the near
future, I may turn the mailing list over to someone else. I'll keep
you posted.

Siouxsie List Admin