S&B: Movie: Out of Bounds

David Masher (71673.2611@CompuServe.COM)
02 Jan 94 19:36:32 EST

In 25 words or less: lamous

S&B have near-cameo appearance in nightclub scene.
Cool close-ups, but totals just a minute or so visuals,
two minutes audio FG+BG. The tune is Cities in Dust,
but lacks the bridges and the trademark S wails. E.g.
the "we found you lying" passage is simply not there.

Other tunes are okay. Credits say there was a Lords of
the New Church tune altho I did not catch it at the time.

Plot: Drugs are the root of all evil. Madcap mixup of
bags at the airport; pissed-off dealers knock off the
brother of our farnboy hero (Anthony Michael Hall) while
he dozes. After that he is forced to be coolness-chal-
lenged in L.A. Befriends the female lead who looks
remarkably like Aimee Mann. Besides S, no other cameos
of interest.

Summary: (1) S+B valued semi-mainstream exposure over
Political [In]Correctness. (2) Save your money for the
Nina Hagen CD combining an LP [sorry, I forget its title]
with the EP that includes both the cover of "White Punks
on Dope" ("TV-Glotzer") and L.Lovich's "Lucky Number".

/fred baube (guest on this account til 93.1.12)