S&B: Siouxse movie cameo (not OOB)

Andrew Bornyi (andrewb@mathstat.yorku.ca)
Mon, 3 Jan 94 1:50:48 EST

Happy New Year!!

I hope that all are well rested and ready for what may befall them in
the coming calendar year.

I was privy, in my neighbourhood vid store, to an early 80's music movie
featuring groups like Adam and the Ants, Siouxsie et al and other Brit
wavers in a medievally themed movie. A week ago, I wanted to rent/buy it,
when, lo and behold, it disappearred from the racks, without anyone knowing
of its existence. The shopkeepers claim that nothing has changed on the
racks for 2 years. Should this be true, this will be one of those movies
which I will have always wanted to rent, but never bothered to...

Does anyone know of its title????????????????????????