S&B: re: sheet music...

Andrew Bornyi (andrewb@mathstat.yorku.ca)
Mon, 17 Jan 94 2:47:24 EST

I realize that this is not much of a lead, but perhaps you could contact
the local music publishing/distributing houses and inquire about Chappell;
they're the titular publishers of most (I can't think of the exceptions)
Siouxsie stuff. Perhaps someone affiliated with The File would have a
better lead... In any case I will contact Boosey and Hawkes, as well as
Gordon V. Thompson, here...


p.s. I realize that guitar tabs are a far cry from sheet music, but the
Goth site owner, being a guitar fanatic, has amassed a collection of
Gothic music tabs for ftp'ing. Since I have never held a guitar, I never
bothered to look to see if there were any Siouxsie...