Newbie Tape grovel

Jack Burris (
Mon, 7 Mar 94 02:30:50 CST

First, I'd like to say hello since I'm new to this list (but not to the

Second, I wonder whether anyone has heard about a possible S&tB tour
following their new album release this year?

Third, I'm wondering whether their are any kind sould who would be
interested in tape trading (hey, it may not be legit with S&tB but it is OK
with several other bands . . . by tapes I mean bootlegged copies of shows).
I have a growing collection of over 100+ hours of different shows. Show me
your list, I'll send you mine.

Finally, did anyone here happen to catch Siouxsie on her '91 European tour?
(I was in the process of moving back to the States and I missed her show in
Muenchen by two days! Blaspheme!)

Stay Tuned!!!