Sat, 19 Mar 1994 00:51:01 +0900

I recently bought the bootleg Cascade, which has more of the recent
Banshee hits and great sound quality. It says it was recorded in the US
1992. Is there anyone out there that knows exactly where it was recorded? I
went to the first Chicago show of that tour, but I know that's not the one
in Cascade.
Also, if anyone has heard any news of the new album, are there any
details about producer/covers/title/artwork? I was pleased with Stephen
Hague's production on NewOrder and the Banshees' recent albums. However,
since Sioux and Severin constantly change the Banshee sound, I was thinking
they might have a different producer this time. Who knows?
Well, since I haven't posted to the list in months, I guess I'll
add another question. Can someone please post the complete lyrics of Dia de
los Muertos if they have them? I speak Spanish and have figured out most of
them, but my vynil single is very scratchy.

"Esta es musica del otro Mundo"
Dia de los Muertos
-Siouxsie and the Banshees