Re: Banshees

Alan Marr (Alan.Marr@Eng.Sun.COM)
Wed, 16 Mar 1994 08:08:53 +0800

Going from memory, the Banshee is a Scottish? spirit associated with
with death that is said can be heard wailing in the highlands. The
Pontiac Firebird automobile introduced in 1965 was originally going to
be called the Banshee, but then it was decided that the connotations
would not appeal to safety conscious consumers. There is an American
jet fighter called the Banshee.


From Wed Mar 16 01:26 PST 1994
From: (Daniel Halber)
Subject: Banshees

I've got a request which is sligthly related to this mail list:

I'm searching for legends and folklore regarding the Banshees,
could you help me? Do you know where (a ftp site for instance) I
might get some information ?