hey there

Songeeta Guha (songuha@ocf.Berkeley.EDU)
Wed, 16 Mar 1994 22:30:36 -0800

Hi, I was a member of the last network which was based in Carnegie-Mellon Univ.
Fewer and fewer people were responding because they felt intimidated that
people knew more "Siouxsie" than they did. At one point the only person
responding was a guy named Fred, who knew almost everything there was to know
about the band.

I really feel that if we are going to make this network work, then we have
to get everyone's input, not just the people with connections to the music
world. I really appreciate the fact that people with the latest news do
respond because then everyone will know (especially the die-hard fans) that
the release date for the new album has been pushed to May.
Anyway, keep the line alive.

Songeeta Guha******