RE:Siouxsie used for ad!

Mon, 04 Apr 1994 23:41:51 -0500 (CDT)

>For a local college's fashion retrospective, entitled "Propriety to Punk",
>displaying this century's fashions, Siouxsie was drawn beside a lady in a
>Victorian dress on the poster. I'm almost curious to go...

Did you go? Could be interesting...

A related Siouxsie-sighting: My introductory Psychology book, in the section
describing aberrant social behavior, has a small photo of a few mid-80's punk
girls... One of them has a very nice looking Siouxsie t-shirt on... nobody
in the class understood why I made a small yelp when the lecturing prof. had us
turn to that page... ah, well. And so the silent admiration continues...


icons falling from the spires...