(fwd) Re: Siouxsie dead?! (fwd)

Philip S. Kightlinger (pskightl@mailbox.syr.edu)
Wed, 13 Apr 1994 21:24:10 -0400 (EDT)

this interesting rumor recently surfaced on the net. any comments?
for now
Mr. Moonlight

Kontrol Faktory (mikehell@netcom.com) wrote:
: This really make me laugh. Why? Because one night about 5 years ago
: some friends and I were at a goth club and were borred silly. So, we
: wondered what would happen if we started a rumor that Siouxsie died of
: cancer. Brain Cancer, even.

: Could this be the same rumor, still going after 5 years??

Well, your post really MAKE me have hope.
It could very well be a rumor, no seems to be able to confirm/deny
this for sure. I was shown timely statistics, tho, of her death:
10am on 3/28..

Time to make a call to Geffen.

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