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Sat, 16 Apr 1994 12:55:32 EDT

Yes, It was---I believe it was around January or February of 1990.
...I waited outside the Ritz in 20 degree weather for about four hours.
I finally got to meet her, shake her hand, and exchange a few words. She
also signed my concert t-shirt... Siouxsie, Budgie, and two others then
took off in a heated taxi. I spent two hours going the flu...
and was sick in bed for two and a half weeks---flem, fatigue, nausea,
diarrhea... Was it all worth it? I mean, besides an erection and an
autograph, what did I really gain?

(Excuse my perversion, but Beltane is approaching, and I'm feeling verbally

Wanna hear my recent Lou Reed encounter? No? Well, here it goes:
About four---maybe five months ago---I was hanging out it in the Village...
Around 4:30 am I walked into a deli---the one closest to Arthur's Tavern---and
asked the guy behind the counter, "Where do you keep beer?"; the guy replied
that they were sold out. Just then, Lou Reed and Lori Anderson popped in,
hugging and kissing. They looked around for a minute, and asked the guy the
very same question, "Where do you keep beer?" Then they walked out...

O.K., so maybe this isn't the most exciting story, but when I'm 85 years old,
lieing in some hospital bed with soylent green pumping into my veins, I will
look back on this rather fondly.

L'chayim, P.C.

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Was that Ritz show in early 1990 when they appeared as the Creatures?
I was there, she was wearing a lovely "Cat in the Hat" suit. The earth moved
and all that.