Siouxsie should finally do some remixes

Andrew Bornyi (
Sat, 16 Apr 94 15:39:56 EDT

> techno

I like techno. I like house. What's wrong with that???

I think that Siouxsie should finally get with the program and get Junior
Vasquez to do a set of remixes.

On a bare-bones PC (like I have), it's incredible what you can do with a
SoundBlaster and the right software. You can get an amazing tune by
overlaying the dub version of Jack Your Body with Love in a Void, or use
the main bass line from James Brown is Dead in combination with the keyboards
from Bizarre Love Triangle (Dance Mix) to provide the substance for
Monitor. It's just a matter of tweaking her voice a little (too often she
sings low for just a bit too long, too slowly) and getting rid of that
U2-like monotonous, incessant guitar twanging that Severin has been been
allowed do (probably because of their long-standing relationship that has
been 'made legal').