Re: once/twice upon a time
Mon, 18 Apr 94 14:25:32 EDT

Hello Chris!

Yep! Siouxsie was the one who caused the host to make a nasty come on
which sent one of the Pistols into a fit of vulgarity! I have not SEEN the
visual, but I have it on tape a number of times. It is the "Rotter"
interview! I think the host was Bill Grundy or something like that.

Sioux was a real Pistol head. She, Sid Vicious and Billy Idol were all a
part of a group called the "Bromely <sp> Contingent" and they followed the
PIstols around. Siouxsie was the one who used to bleach Billy Idol' s hair
white. One of the first shows Sioux did was getting onstage with Sid Vicious
on drums and doing the Lords Prayer at a Sex Pistols show, or so it has been
rumoured. It was proof that anyone can do it..but you see the Sex Pistols
are no longer (just a great memory and a legend..) and Siouxsie is still
going strong. (Despite the last recording which IMHO could have been less
commercially viable). Anxiously awaiting the new release..even hounding my
local record store to let me know when it will be out. And whoever it was
who has "A few bootlegs.." gee! I wish I had just one! I do have a video
of them at a Lollapalooza show...not great quality but good enough! ha ha!

S. Vox.