"less commercially viable"

Andrew Bornyi (andrewb@mathstat.yorku.ca)
Mon, 18 Apr 94 16:16:27 EDT

In the video transcript (overview) recently posted, there appeared a remark
regarding the sentiment that the last album could have been a little "less
commercially viable." I realize that this had been IMHO'd, but I am
troubled by the usage of _viable_ in connection with the style of music.

I am curious. Does anyone have any stats regarding sales? I have no idea
about how any of her albums did, financially. Charts are self-serving
indicators, due to the lovely concept that a prime variable in them is
airplay, which for many stations (their playlist) is determined by what's
on the charts... I would like to know sales! I suspect (although I would
love confirmation) that Superstition got the best chart ratings (although
in what category, these days...), but how did it do, as far as royalties?

Since 'punk' was _the thing_ back circa 1980, were not "Scream" and "Join
Hands", more commercially viable, than 'a collection of tunes put together
by an early punk diva, who's mellowed out beyond the support of her fans'
(according to one review of Superstition).