face to face

Fri, 15 Apr 1994 16:15:13 -0400

On Wed, 13 Apr 1994, Ian Johnston wrote:
>> also, what are people's impressions of the song 'face to face?' i am
>> just curious for opinions.

And then, "Mr. Crank" wrote:

> i thought it was wonderful. a great relief from the strange
>attempts at dance music on "superstition." it's almost as if siouxsie
>listened to the cure's "mixed up" and said "oh, YEAH?! i can do that! and
>better yet, i'll write whole new songs instead of remixing old ones.
>that'll show fat bob!" but i'll stop. i wouldn't want to keep rambling
>my opinions about siouxsie's worst album (oops!).
> but "face to face" was definitely a treat. i was glad that prince
>did not do the sountrack for the second batman also.
> hopefully, the banshees will get back to doing that banshee thing
>they do and put out that album soon. and please... no more superstition.

Why, crank, why?
Superstition was super listenin',
at least to my ears.

And, Face to Face was no masterful musical feat. Boring, boring, boring!
The lyrics were wonderful but the music, well....
Not to slam my idol, of course....
And it certainly was better than PRINCE. [face 2 face. ha-ha.]

Me? I like "Dazzle" the best of all.



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