Daniel Halber (
Thu, 21 Apr 94 16:38:51 +0200

> > Parden my ignorence, but what exactly is an HMTL?
> HyperText Tarkup Tanguage.
As you said it: HyperText Markup Language.

> hypertext is the generic term for files which have been cross-referenced
HTML, used via the HTTP (HyperText Transmission Protocol), is not only
an hypertext but also an hypermedia (text, image, sound) description language.

> (like Windows' help files), whereby if you point/click/select a
> highlighted word, you then jump to a different file.
This different file could be a remote file! (ie. thousand miles away)

> p.s. I don't know that much about Unix flavours (now if it was DOS...)
Under UNIX the same ideas remain .. only much much better! :-)
The "standard" software to access thoses HTML files is XMosaic.