re: The new Siouxsie remixes...

Andrew Bornyi (
Thu, 21 Apr 94 17:09:17 EDT

I wish to apologize (in the same vein as Plato) for my posting regarding my
home mixes of Siouxsie tunes. It was a ruse.

I have never debased a Siouxsie tune in such fashion, or any fashion, for
that matter. Their music needs no improvement.

I was merely making a (what turned out to be feable) attempt at stirring up
some controversy/discussion.

I realize that a significant number of listmembers are about to enter
final exams, so I can understand their not bothering to proffer a retort
to my blasphemy, but I am rather surprised by the utter void of reaction to
what I posted.

Oh well, until August 31,