B-sides compilation track listing

Andrew Bornyi (andrewb@mathstat.yorku.ca)
Tue, 26 Apr 94 19:32:03 EDT

I kind of thought that saying "B-sides" compilation would be

Here they are...
BTW, Those (individual) songs marked with an asterisk are iffy, because I
only have the 7", not the 12", and my local sources are non-committed. I
would gladly make an exchange of the song(s) for a compilation, in return.


Track listing:

-20th Century Boy
-Pull to Bits
-Drop Dead-Celebration***
-Eve White, Eve Black
-Red Over White
-Follow the Sun***;
Slap Dash Snap***
-Supernatural Thing;
Conga Conga***
-Coal Mind;
We Fall***
-Cannibal Roses;
Obsession II***
-Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant; A Sleeping Rain***
-Tattoo; There's a Planet in my Kitchen
-Let Go;
The Humming Wires***
-I Promise***;
Throw Them to the Lions***
-An Execution; Quarterdrawing of the Dog
-Lullaby; Umbrella
-Shooting Sun; Sleepwalking (On the High Wire);
-She Cracked***
-She's Cuckoo;
-Something Blue***
-The Whole Price of Blood; Mechanical Eyes
-False Face; Catwalk
-Something Wicked; Are You Still Dying Darling?
-El Dia de Los Muertos; Sunless
-Staring Back; Return
-Spiral Twist; Sea of Light