Wed, 27 Apr 1994 12:22 GMT


I've just subscribed to the Banshees Mail list and read your Discography and
B-sides compliation.

Those b-sides your looking for!

I have them plus other rare stuff. Perhaps we would do a trade !!
(Have you any live stuff, radio shows from the US/Australia/South
America etc?)

The rare stuff includes:

- the Original "Love IN A VOID" LP (1977), the Bootleg LP, that
preceded the Polydor signing, which includes "Make Up to Break Up"
& original lyric to "Love In a Void" among others.
- Track rehersals '77 - including "Captain Scarlet", original of
"Our Lords Prayer" , "Make Up to Break Up" and other unreleased stuff..
- Loads of other live stuff from '77 to '93, including the Creatures.

I don't know how practical it'd be to send cassettes from Ireland to
the US, but maybe we could sort something out (trade some stuff??)

Anyway, let me know!

Just a few things to notes on the Discography:

1. The Banshees distanced themselves from the Derek Jarman movie,
"Jubilee" altogether. (Probably not a bad thing, because the career
of everyone who appeared in it, was VERY shortlived ie where are
Adam Ant and Toyah now ??, has-been musicians & actors )
The Banshees are credited on the titles but refused to allow any
material to be used in the film or on the soundtrack.
(I think they do appear on a television in the background, for a
few seconds)

2. The punk movie was released in the UK as "The Original Punk Movie"
and was directed by Don Letts ( ex B.A.D.) who was DJ at the ROXY,
where most of it was finished. I can't remember what they played
but I think they did "Captain Scarlet".
I don't think it ever made it to video though. Too much problems
with copyright & performance rights and too many bands not happy
with the quality of the sound ( or more probably their performance,
I think). Pity!

3. The Banshees also did a cameo appearance in the movie
"Out of Bounds", where they performed "Cities in Dust" in some club
in CA.

4. They are included in the German Video "Women In Rock" where they
perform live in Berlin (about 1980), with John McGeogh and Budgie.
They played three songs with with an interview inbetween.
Again, I can't remember off hand what they played, but I think
"Carcass" and "Overground" were included.
Also included on the video are Nina Hagen, the Slits and Girls

5. The 12" version of "Israel/Red Over White" is exactly the same mix
as the 7" . No extra track or different mix, and what's worst, the
UK release didn't even come in a Gold Sleave ( horrible plain white
one). Was this "the Great Polyder CON" or just a plan to release a
very collectable 12" ( Quite difficult to come across, few people
must of fell forthe CON)

There's a few things missing of the Discography
eg. Honk Kong Garden Gatefold, Through the Looking Glass Promo three
pack, inclusions on compilation etc.

I'll check and post you the updates.

How about putting together a list of Rare Siouxsie & the Banshees
Material that people on the NET have.

ie Rare songs/recordings , TV & Radio performances, interviews,
live videos/audios, compilations they're included on etc).

Anyone know anything about the current Banshees recording. When will
new material be out? I heard some of their new material when they
played in London & Reading Festival last august, it's excellent stuff.
Any news on tours etc.

Another thing, anyone ever heard of ZOR GABOR.

They feature John McKay, one of the Banshees "Black Heads" and his
girlfriend Linda Clarke (I think that's her name), that infamous girl
who convinced Morris & McKay to leave, all those years ago.
(She said the Banshees would be nothing without them, what a laugh!!)

They released at least one sigle in the UK , which is very much in the
early Siouxsie mode, even though the single wasn't released til '87.
It's well worth checking out though, if you can find a copy.