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On Fri, 29 Apr 1994, Andrew Bornyi wrote:

> Since 'The File's mailing address is on every album, why not get the
> Siouxsie list address placed on every album???
> If, due to list-volatility, that would be inadvisable, I am willing to
> 'donate' a Freenet account to be a receptacle for info requests.
> Since there is, now, 4 months (yeah, right!) until the album's release,
> there probably is enough time to canvass the proper people. Any idea as to
> whom to harass???

The only problem with that is the albums are more than most likely
already pressed and sitting in a warehouse. The record companies usually
don't push back releases because the album isn't finished it usually gets
bumped due to tour and movie type promo stuff. I know for a fat all the
promo stuff is printed up. I saw an ad for a Siouxsie and the banshees
press release for "bats cats" a couple months ago! So any trying to get
the list added to an album would have to go for either her next full
length (i'll put that at about 2 years{her average}) or to start going on
remixes and singles and special stuff that will be released after the
album or along those lines.