Playground Twist

David R. Wild (
Fri, 6 May 1994 00:00:29 -0400

Thanks to Aaron for his insightful take on Playground Twist as "a progression
from youth to old age." Interesting.

I see the song as drawing a metaphorical relation between childhood games and
the violence, evil and horror that exist in the world. Perhaps the symbolism
evident in the simplest game ("follow the leader") or innocent rhyme ("Three
Blind Mice") is an unconscious manifestation of the ugly side of human nature
that doesn't become evident until later in life.

Some great wordplay here - "you can drown when you're shallow" - and my
favorite - "you swallow the trail but still arrive inside your entrails".
Great stuff. Great song.


I'm new to the list - a few questions:
- are the complete lyrics to Join Hands available somewhere?
- I heard there will be a new S&tB album this month. True?
- who is John Heartfield?