Re: Playground Twist

Andrew Bornyi (
Fri, 6 May 94 3:02:20 EDT

Wow! A new voice!!

> Thanks to Aaron for his insightful take on Playground Twist as "a progression
> from youth to old age." Interesting.
> I see the song as drawing a metaphorical relation between childhood games and
> the violence, evil and horror that exist in the world. Perhaps the symbolism
> evident in the simplest game ("follow the leader") or innocent rhyme ("Three
> Blind Mice") is an unconscious manifestation of the ugly side of human nature
> that doesn't become evident until later in life.

> I'm new to the list - a few questions:
> - are the complete lyrics to Join Hands available somewhere?

Aaron, the YOUNG GRASSHOPPER, may have an answer, soon.

> - I heard there will be a new S&tB album this month. True?

Nope, August 31 (so they say...)

> - who is John Heartfield?

Yes, good question. Who is he??? Like THE FRED would say, "never hoid of

> Thanks.
> -wild

Andrew (plagiarizing liberally from the WILD ONE)