Who is John Heartfield anywhy ????????????

Fri, 6 May 1994 11:13 GMT

Wild asked: > - who is John Heartfield?

Well here's a brief explanation.

John Heartfield is the artist responsible for the Artwork on the Mittageisen
Sleeve (and also for the artwork on the 1977 "Love in a Void" bootleg).
He was a German artist who in the 1920's & 30' published anti-nazi material
(Posters/Magazines etc), mostly depicting the TRUE side of hitler & his
cronies and his horrors. Most of his work is photomontage (ie real
photographs are worked into his pictures) depicting the farce of Fascism
(eg image of a white dove, skewered by a bayonet, foreseeing the effect
of fascist power on world peace).

He was forced to fled Germany in the thirties because the Nazis
were none too happy with his Art. He moved to England, continuing to
product his anti-nazi material.

I was lucky enough to see an exhibition of his work last year, which came to
Dublin. Excellent stuff, and extremely clever. If you get a chance to see any
of his work, don't miss it. Or check out your local library.
You wont be disappointed.

I believe the Banshees used the Heartfield image to expel the myth that the
Banshees were a bunch of fascists, which seemed to be sticking with them from
Siouxsie & Steve's early Punk Days (ie nazi armbands etc).
That's why they initially only released Mittageisen in Germany ( Only released
in the UK, about six months later). An anti-nazi image released in the home
of fascism. Some people missed the point, and wrongly thought that the german
language singing was a promotion of fascist ideals that the Banshees held.

Anyway that's my piece of John Heartfield.

Some requests of my own:

1. What's the Siouxsie & the Banshees FILE like these days?
I used be a member years back, but gave up, because it was always
so long between the issues of the FILE magazine.
Is it worth rejoining? How much is it to join now?

2. Can anyone post details about the Banshees new album/material etc?
I'm sure it's been talked about on the list before, but could someone
sum up the facts for us new-comers.

That's all for now Folks ....