Re: Siouxsie using Stravinsky (was Re: Classical Music)

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Sun, 8 May 1994 16:52:03 -0400

Just attempting to post this to the siouxsie list...
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: : * Stravinsky: _Rites of Spring_ is very good, as is the _Firebird_ suite.
: : Observant Siouxie fans will note that one of the movements from this piece
: : is the intro tape on the live album (_Nocturne_, isn't it?)

: Indeed it is Nocturne. The movement in question from Rite of Spring is
: "La glorification de l'Elue". Translation : the glorifying of the chosen
: (female) sacrifice.

: I wonder if Siouxsie took the title into consideration, or if the band just
: liked that section of the music.... Anyone out there know?

: ....Lorelei