RE: new album
Fri, 13 May 1994 13:00 GMT



Just a few thoughts on the Banshees new album.

stival gig last August, and would say the new songs they played were far superior to the material from Superstition. Back to the
classic Banshees formula !!!. I also feel the new stuff had "JuJu/Dreamhouse"ish feel to it, with a bit of PEEPSHOW thrown in.


t down to follow the main stream success that Superstition had in the US.

o promote the album this time, with loads of gigs in Ireland & Britain!!! It's been NINE years since they came to Ireland (when
they played three amazing sell©out shows to promote Tinderbox) and they haven't done a decent tour of Britain in about six year
s. Go on Sioux & Co., Your Public Awaits !!!!.∆"∆

t the album be released in Europe earlier?∆"∆

Bye for now



d Things lyrics and the list sometime next week.