Concert Details?
Fri, 20 May 1994 14:48 GMT

Wild asked "By the way, what ever happened to John McGeogh anyway?"

Well, after getting kicked out of the Banshees, John McGeogh went off to
form "The Armoury Show" with Richard Jobsen, the ex-Skids frontman.
In '85, they brought out a couple of singles (one of which was
"Castles in Spain") and an album. Neither singles nor Album were a
commercial success, and the band broke up about '86.
John went on to play guitar with John Lydon's "Public Image Limited" , and is
still playing with them, as far as I know.

I still think his best guitar playing was in his Magazine & Banshees days
(and was one of the banshees most talented guitarists the Banshees had
- just my opinion). If anyone's interested, you should check out that
early Magazine material - it's great stuff.

BTW, one gig that never happened would have seen the Banshees & McGeogh
grace the same stage. The Banshees were scheduled to headline a
festival in Plymouth (UK) in June '86, where bands like New Order,
P.I.L, the Damned were due to play, among others.. That would have been some
show. However, there were some contractual problems, and the Banshees pulled
out and all the other top bands followed suit. (Pity, 'cos I had a bloody

Anyway, 'til next time

cheers Bren