David R. Wild (
Sat, 21 May 1994 08:58:38 -0400

My thanks to Bren for the response to my question re John McGeoch (not
McKeogh or McGeoph, as I myself have mispelled it). You are becoming an
invaluable source of info. Thanks again.

I agree that McGeoch was probably the most inventive guitarist the
Banshees ever had. The whole sound of the band seemed to mature dramatically,
starting with the tracks he did on Kaliedescope, when he got involved. Of
course, Kaliedescope was a major leap forward from Join Hands anyway, and
some of that I'm sure was due to the addition of Budgie.

By the way, I think Budgie is one of the most inventive, interesting and
underrated drummers ever. Don't you agree?

NOTE: Siouxsie's birthday May 27!!!!

-wild, in the Happy House