video catalogue info
Thu, 26 May 1994 17:28 GMT

I've had loads of requests for info on the Video Catalogue with the
Siouxsie/creatures/glove vids, so I'm posting the details to the list

The Catalogue is called "Gothic Videos" and can be got from the
following snail address:
Paul Lanyon
18 Meadow Avenue
Great Britain

(You'll probably have to include a stamped address envelope / cost of return
postage if you want a reply)

The costs of videos quoted on the catalogue are as follows:

4 hour Video = 16 UK Pounds ( 1 UK Pound = $1.50 approx )
3 hour Video = 13 UK Pounds
2 hour Video = 11 UK Pounds
1 hour Video = 9 UK

I suspect that the format will be PAL, but what about a group of people
purchase one tape, get it converted to US standard & be someone to dub
copies. I know picture quality will depreciate with more copying, but savings
might outweigh the quality.