Kiss in the Dreamhouse: official lyrics (1 of 3)
Tue, 31 May 94 19:36:16 MDT

ok, here goes:


Oh the air was shining
Shining like a wedding ring
Barbed like sex
I felt 10,000 volts
My chest was full of eels
Pushing through my usual skin
I opened up new wounds
Pouting Shouting:-

Oh Love -- like liquid falling
Falling in Cascades
Oh Love-lorn victims laughing
Laughing in cascades

The Sun was rich
Rich with a song of sin
My breath melted my words
Into strange alphabets
Tormenting my tongue
Pouting, Shouting:-


The heartbeats were echoing
Echoing the revolver
Emptying into my mouth
I pulled a face from my pocket
And smiled a lepers grin
I felt somebody close
Pouting, SHouting:-


Lyrics: Severin

Green Fingers

Hibiscus head -- in a flower bed
A finger hewn -- planted and sewn

Oh magic in her hands -- she could make anything grow
Magic in her hands -- she had green fingers

It's curious
Where animals don't go
Mandrake -- rooted deep into the soil
Where the sun won't fall -- but it flourishes
See the pretty maids -- all in a row

Magic in her hands -- she could make anything grow
Magic in her hands -- she had green fingers

It'e reaching...
And groping -- a clammy handshake
Clawing the ivy
Crawlinghtrope -- along the lattice work
With this hand I thee wed
With this hand I thee bed
With this hand I...

Lyrics: Sioux


do you hear this breath -- it's an pbsessive breath
Can you feel this beat -- it's an obsessive heartbeat
Witing to be joined with its obsession

I close my eyes -- but I can't sleep
The thin membrane can't veil
The branded picture of you

The signs and signals show -- the trafic lights say go
Again you baffle me, pretending not to

I broke into your room -- I broke down in your room
Touched your belongings there -- and left a lock of my hair
Another sign for you

You screamed into my face -- get the hell out of my place
Another sign for me? Can you forgive me?
For not understanding your ways

You know sometimes you take it all too far
Then I remember -- it's a game between you and me
A divine test for us two

It's all in my imagination
Yes they even say that our only
My obsession

Do you hear this breath -- it's an oppressive breath
Suffocating in the poison -- of your obsession
Can you feel this beat -- it's a possesive beat
Your pulse stops in the claws -- of your obsession.

Lyrics: Sioux

that's all for now....tbc....

from Polydor, 1989, 1982


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