F.Baube[tm] (flb@flb.optiplan.fi)
Sat, 4 Jun 94 21:20:56 EET

Surely sendmail reeled when thusly spake VampLestat:
> I'd also be nice if you could clean up the file and organize it and give
> it a table of contents and reformat it so that it looks presentable,

yeesh ! I thought that's what I did !

> rather than a collection of concat'ed files.... just a suggestion.

I've seen plenty of NetFiles that are positively
ABOMINABLY sloppy accumulations of email messages;
I wanted to reach a happy medium, leaving in minimal
message headers for full attribution but otherwise
trying to organize things by topic.

anyone else have comments ?

(or do all others agree that the FAQ-simile
so phenomenally wonderful that no further
discussion is necessary ? :-)

critical comments can be either broadcast
or sent to me direct, either way is fine,
no problem.


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